Date of Birth:
This is the type of bull we all dream of owning! Beautiful color, great disposition, conformation and look at the HORN!! We all know about Clear Win with his great horn 87 1/4," big bases and body this combined with his dam out of the great Boomerang bull, she was 73 /12" in 2014. This fella is a guaranteed home run. Breeders pay high prices for females, then use an average bull - it doesn't make sense? A cow will have one calf a year and your herd bull will have as many calves as the number of cows he is bred to. This is where the investment should be. TCC Winning Honor is now over 93" and as of this note the third longest tip to tip in the world. This photo is from August 2018. Freeman Ranch is proud to have him at their ranch and as herd sire.
Owner Name:
Russell and Jamie Freeman / Jamie Jarnigan
Bill and Judy Meridith
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